The Ernie Kovacs Record Collection (Out of Print)
Ernie and Edie

The Ernie Kovacs Record Collection (Out of Print)

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This is a very rare and HIGHLY collectible that has been out of print in the 21st Century! In the 1950s, comic Ernie Kovacs was a pioneer in breaking down television's "fourth wall" and making the process of doing the show part of the joke. (And you thought David Letterman invented that.) Key to Kovacs's brand of intellectual slapstick was choosing the right music to accompany his unforgettable sight gags, and he turned to fellow freaks such as Ferrante & Teicher, space-age bachelor Esquivel!, and the Les Baxter Orchestra with Dr. Samuel Hoffman on theremin. The music stands up even when separated from the skits: Witness "Song of the Nairobi Trio," which accompanied a running gag featuring an orchestra composed of three guys in monkey suits beating each other on the head. (Trust me, it was funnier than it sounds.) --Jim Derogatis

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